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Cayenne pepper

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Cayenne pepper

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Cayenne pepper is not to be confused with classic pepper, as it is ground chili peppers and therefore provides a really fiery spiciness.
It is therefore not suitable for people who are sensitive to spiciness, but it is for those who love the spicy ones
Kitchen is an even greater treasure.

Cayenne pepper is a universal genius among spices and can be used in all types of preparation of meat-, fish-, vegetables- and Rice dishes
used in Soup, Egg dishes and Marinades. Dishes with Minced meat obtain
with cayenne pepper the right "swing".
Cayenne pepper is the right choice for those looking for that special touch in a dish that is still unspectacular!

In addition, the health-promoting aspects of cayenne pepper are not closed either
Underestimate: it has a high vitamin C content and is because of it in it
The capsaicins contained in it stimulates blood circulation

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Nicht bestrahlt / Ungeschwefelt / Ohne Gentechnik

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