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Bazaar manufactory corporate gifts

At Bazar Manufaktur we have specialized in the production and compilation of employee and company gifts.

Since we produce all our products ourselves, we can not only guarantee you the best quality, but also a very good price-performance ratio .

In addition, we are able to respond flexibly and quickly to your very personal ideas and individual wishes, since we not only manufacture our products ourselves, but also fill and pack them and are not dependent on any third-party suppliers.

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At Bazar Manufaktur , we ensure that we put together particularly high-quality and tasteful employee gifts that come from the heart and reflect respect and appreciation .


We have already been able to convince numerous customers and companies with up to 3000 employees of our gifts and know exactly what is important. In our manufactory we will present our possibilities and combinations to you and provide you with samples so that you can make a selection at your leisure. Arrange a tasting appointment today.


Decide on Bazar Manufaktur when it comes to putting together your gifts, we guarantee that you will provide an unforgettable taste explosion with our handmade spice mixtures.

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While spice blends are at the heart of our business, we offer much more than that! Our delicatessen products are all handcrafted with the same attention to detail and care that we put into each of our spice blends.

bazaar manufactory employee gifts

Our range of products includes delicious nut butters made from freshly roasted nuts, cold pressed oils that are packed with flavor and nutrients, and balsamic vinegars that are the perfect finishing touch to any salad or dish. We also have a wide range of salt creations , made with the finest ingredients to give the perfect flavor to your dishes.

Bazaar manufactory employee gifts