That's what makes us

Craftsmanship with know-how and passion

Whoever enters our manufactory can look forward to intensive scents , because here we mix everything fresh. Depending on the mixture, it smells intensely spicy of allspice or there is a sweet fruity scent in the air, for example when we are preparing our mango curry. But what distinguishes us from the numerous spice mixtures that can be found on the market?

No sugar, no salt

There are different approaches to making spice blends. Many well-known and well-known manufacturers rely on large batches and machinery and add sugar and salt to the spices in order to be able to offer them as cheaply as possible. This is not only at the expense of the taste, you also need much larger quantities when cooking to get the desired taste.

At Bazar Manufaktur we take a different approach. We grind our spice blends without any additives , so a tiny amount is enough to intensively spice up your food. Salt and sugar have no place in our mixtures and can be added separately if required.


Conventional spice mixtures are created by mixing individual spices that have already been ground and then filling them. However, a true fusion of the different aromas and essential oils can only be achieved if all the spices are ground together as a whole . We at Bazar Manufaktur have taken this to heart.

We take the time to briefly roast some spices such as pepper and coriander before grinding to tease out even more intense aromas .

We only use whole spices for our mixtures, some of which are crushed in a mortar beforehand, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger or turmeric. The essential oils escape during the grinding process, and the slight heat that results from grinding creates an optimal symbiosis of the individual ingredients , which ensures the unique scent and taste of our mixtures.

Small batches, direct and fresh

How do you get the best taste? With fresh, high-quality ingredients . Conventional spice mixtures have been on the shelves for months and contain spices that have been ground and bottled months in advance and have been in storage for a long time. This is due to the fact that large batches are cheaper than small ones.

We obtain our spices directly from selected , organically certified companies, small farmers and suppliers. Again, less is more for us. We take small to very small quantities to avoid longer storage.

Optimally packaged

Have you ever observed what happens when you compare your spices in the jar? The older ones differ clearly in their color . They get lighter and lose intensity over time. It is not only the color of the sensitive spices that is highly sensitive to light and moisture - nutrients, vitamins and, above all, the aroma are also lost.

Our simple ceramic aroma protection jar with a cork lid is not only sustainable and plastic-free , but also protects your spices optimally from light and moisture. For our spice blends, this means a longer shelf life and a long-lasting , consistent taste for up to 12 months and often beyond.