Lern die Bazar Manufaktur kennen!

About Us


I'm Elias, spice specialist and owner of the Leipzig Bazar Manufactory. I opened a small factory with my wife right in the heart of Leipzig. Our dream is to offer people what we love ourselves. Fresh spices, oils, pestos, pastes and olives.

I am originally from Morocco, but have lived in Senegal for many years. There I discovered the secrets of many spices and mixtures and since then I have been creating my own spice mixtures with a lot of love and passion.

I work exclusively with selected organic spices in order to be able to offer my customers a pesticide-free and natural product. In addition, organically grown herbs and spices are very often more aromatic and powerful than conventional comparable goods. See for yourself!

As a sustainable family business, we avoid plastic and superfluous packaging as much as possible. You can get our spices in elegant ceramic jars with natural cork, optimally protected from light, moisture and air to preserve the full aroma and the bright colors. You can see, smell and taste it :-)

All spice mixtures are made in-house according to our own recipes . We grind and blend in small batches in a timely manner for sale. In this way we can guarantee the best possible freshness and quality .